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Keeping the Wireguard VPN firewall clear with Shorewall

In our previous article we introduced the iptables firewall for our Wireguard VPN server. The firewall regulates which traffic is permitted between the individual customer VPNs and the management VPN and prevents access that poses a security risk.

Although it is possible to manage these rules using the iptables command line tools, it quickly becomes confusing and difficult to understand, especially for outsiders. We have therefore tested the firewall configuration using the “Shorewall” tool and found it to be suitable.

Securing a multi-tenant Wireguard VPN server with iptables

The ZERO AMPS Nodes do not have an internet connection by default, but in some cases we equip them with a mobile module so that we can update, maintain or troubleshoot them remotely.

To establish a secure connection to our own infrastructure, we mostly use Wireguard VPNs. Wireguard VPNs are very lightweight, perform well and experience has shown them to be very robust - especially in combination with mobile connections. The Wireguard client on the AMPS nodes connects to our central VPN server. Our developers also use this to establish a connection so that they can connect to the respective AMPS node.