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Connecting a Raspberry Pi to the Internet with Waveshare NB-IoT HAT / Simcom SIM7070G modem

We took a closer look at the “Waveshare SIM7070G Cat-M/NB-IoT/GPRS HAT” for the Raspberry Pi and put it into operation. We uncovered various pitfalls and describe below how we set up the NB-IoT modem to connect one of our #AMPS nodes to the internet.

Animated Webp Image of the blinking Waveshare module attached to a Raspi

Waveshare 4 Inch display does not work with IO BASE MODULE B

Because we had to find out the painful way: The Waveshare IO BASE Module B for the Raspberry Pi CM4 module does not work with the 4" DSI Touch Display from Waveshare - at least not as long as you use a BASE IO board revision < 4. Only from board version 4 the higher performance DSI1 interface is used instead of the DSI0 interface of the Raspberry CM4 by the IO Base Board.